Darcie Dulce & Liz Ashley


DT-1442-03  / Time: 20 Minutes / Size: 480


Liz Ashley is so excited that she has been chosen to be this month’s cover girl. However, there must be some kind of a misunderstanding, because Darcie Dulce also believes she is this month’s cover girl. Both women arrive for their photo shoot topless and wearing thigh high stockings. Their confused anger quickly devolves into fighting. The models drag each other to the mat and begin pulling on one another’s panties. Liz and Darcie scream and grunt with every pull and yank of their underwear. Liz appears to be winning. She walks back to her corner holding her panties and Darcie’s panties. Darcie slowly drags herself back to her feet. However, with renewed energy, she charges Liz. Darcie breast mauls Liz until she is hyperventilating. She wraps panties around Liz’s neck and walks her around the ring. Now that both fighters are nude, Liz takes the opportunity to attack Darcie’s bare crotch. She forces Darcie to straddle the rope and grinds her up and down on the rope, like the world’s worst Indian burn. This match is a knock down drag out kind of fight. You will love the heart and spunk these two young beauties put on display in the DT wrestling ring.