September Reigns and Misty Stone

HD DOWNLOADABLE Bare-fisted Hitting Catfight Match

DT-1445-02  / Time: 23 Minutes / Size: 534


This is why DT uses two cameras, the action in this hitting match is so fast and so intense we need both cameras to keep up. September Reins is impatiently waiting for Misty Stone, she paces in her sexy coat that shows off her great ass and legs – in comes the wild Misty and they are soon in each others face, these are two very volatile ladies so we soon have a fight and what a fight it is as they are both willing to batter hell out of each other. Fists fly to both guts and faces in this fierce battle, Misty gets September to the wall and goes after her firm belly then to her face knocking her to the couch then bends over her on the ground when with an amazing swing of September’s legs she catches Misty in a head scissors and chokes – now she gains control and it’s her turn to throw some fists of fury. Everyone knows how wild both these babes are so putting them in a small room together when the are mad is like lighting a fuse, so many hard punches by both to face and guts and then throw in some great scissors and chokes when their punches are too much and have one down. So tired they can barley lift their hands in the end and finally, finally that last knock out as they wobble and wobble till finally the battering is just too much and DOWN she goes !!!!!!