Serene Siren & Aidra Fox


DT-1447-01  / Time: 23 Minutes / Size: 562

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Serene Siren and Aidra Fox are squaring off in a very dramatic catfight. Both women have fought a litany of the best wrestlers DT has to offer. Their path has led them to this championship bout. Aidra Fox is a young, tight-bodied brunette. She is wearing a neon bikini. She has a cold look of determination as she stares at Serene Siren. Serene is wearing black to contrast against Aidra. The fight begins and Aidra’s aggression is evident. Her first attack is to kick Serene directly in the crotch. Serene drops to the mat. She seems stunned by Aidra’s ferociousness. Aidra holds Serene’s legs in the air and repeatedly stomps and knees Serene’s crotch with the full weight of her body. Aidra ties up Serene’s arms and legs in the ropes. She gets a running start and then punts Serene in her already sore nether-region. Aidra must be one of the coldest and most sadistic fighters to ever wrestle. Serene nearly goes silent from the massive amounts of pain she endures. Serene seems to be going into shock. It appears that Aidra has won the match. However, Serene has a little surprise planned for Aidra. Serene is going to make sure that she takes her sweet revenge on Aidra’s svelte nubile body.