Prinzzess vs. Misty Stone

HD DOWNLOADABLE Nude Catfight and Dominance Match

DT-1449-02  / Time: 30 Minutes / Size: 698


So many have been waiting for another of those slave domination wrestling matches with Prinzzess and Misty Stone, well here it is, and it is a wild one. We start out with Prinzzess in the position we last left her from the previous match; sitting in the corner with her hands tied to the top ropes, blindfolded with nipple clamps, Misty enters and kisses her awake only to find out Prinzzess has a new mistress, Serene — oh this does not set well with Misty. As Misty kisses and stokes Prinzzess she tells her how she is going to take her back and make Serene pay for this. Did Prinz enjoy the time with Serene, yes she did and this infuriates Misty so they grudge wrestle where Prinzzess gets some great holds on Misty like, matchbook, leg splitter but can’t handle the furious slugs, chokes and face sits from Misty and eventually after a great battle she succumbs and again the handcuffs and collar are on as Misty leads her victim back to her lair for a savage beating interspersed with sensual touching and kissing. Then for the ultimate surprise, Misty wants to be the sex slave to Prinzzess — Prinz can’t believe her ears and once she has the cuffs and leash on her victim she relishes giving her the royal treatment of sex and destruction and I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of this one — can’t wait for the sequel !!!!!