Misty Stone vs. September Reigns

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Slugging Match

DT-1454-01  / Time: 21 Minutes / Size: 498

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Get ready for one of the best hitting matches we have seen in a long time but what would you expect with these two amazing women; Misty Stone and September Reigns, now these two went at it in 1445-02 and caused quite a stir but this time Misty has found September messing around with her man and all hell is about to break lose. The face slugs are so savage we are lucky we had two cameras because this is non stop blasting, now we all know how tough Misty is but September keeps right up with her, wow her gut slugs are amazing, when she has Misty against the wall she smashes her belly with about ten killer blows in a row. Once topless we are treated to their sultry bodies as the spew hatred while battering the hell out of each other, eventually black and blue and bloody too, but they won’t stop. Oh they do a little wrestling but only to get into better slugging positions and when these two beauties get to the finish it is bashing to the very end. They can barely move, on their knees they muster their last vestige of strength and throw blow after blow till finally one cannot get up but only groans from the incredible assault, an ending you will not soon forget. So get ready for one of the truly great hitting matches !!!!!!