Jewell Marceau vs. Karlie Montana

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Catfight Match

DT-1452-03  / Time: 21 Minutes / Size: 540


Jewell Marceau knocked out Karlie Montana the last time they fought. This time, Karlie is willing to do anything to even up the score. The women have barely removed their tops before Karlie has delivered multiple gut punches to Jewell. She knocks Jewell to the mat and sits on her face. Karlie cackles wildly as Jewell moans for relief. Karlie catches Jewell in a standing head scissors that nearly crushes Jewell’s pretty face. Jewell composes herself and mounts a counter attack. She pushes Karlie into the turnbuckle and delivers multiple punches to Karlie’s perky tits. Jewell uses her ample breasts to smother Karlie. The momentum of this fight changes multiple times, but the intensity never lets up. The girls are mean and loud. For example, Karlie puts Jewell in a camel clutch. However, rather than grabbing Jewell’s neck to bend her backwards, Karlie pulls a handful of Jewell’s hair to finish the move. Jewell yells loud enough to wake the neighbors. We were just lucky no one called the cops for a noise complaint. The winner finishes the match by sitting on the face of the loser until the screams turn into whimpers and eventually silence. Sit back and enjoy as two beautiful brunettes wrestle each other in this topless catfight.