Skylar Rene vs. Capri Cavanni

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Sex Wrestling Match

DT-1453-02  / Time: 38 Minutes / Size: 883


Legs, don’t we just love those strong feminine legs, well get ready because here comes some sweet limbs owned by Skylar Rene and Capri Cavanni. As a topless Skylar lounges on the couch she and Capri talk about who has the better legs, they get up and compare their lean legs but still no resolution so they decide to have some leg contests so see who can inflict the most pain with their legs. Each beauty applies a head scissors then a body scissors and Capri is finally convinced Skylar has the stronger legs but Skylar is not satisfied and she wants to show everybody just how much better her legs are. Capri wants this all to end but Skylar is just beginning, she takes Capri’s top off and applies many more squishing holds with her legs and if that wasn’t enough she uses her strong legs to lift Capri in many assorted lift and carries but Skylar is still not finished, no she plans on squishing all of Capri with her powerful legs. They both look so fetching and Capri’s legs look great as they writhe in pain and Skylar’s legs look fabulous as they flex for pain — beautiful women with beautiful legs !!!!!!