Alix Lynx vs. Kristie Etzold

HD DOWNLOADABLE Bikini Domination Match

DT-1456-02  / Time: 23 Minutes / Size: 561


I forgot just how cute Alix Lynx is, she quit wrestling but was willing to come back to interview the great Kristie Etzold.  Now Kristie is famous for being one wild crazy lady, and I might add one of our most outspoken babes so when Alix made the mistake of saying this wrestling is fake, well let’s just say Kristie was out to prove how wrong she was — how much a bear hug could hurt… a front and rear bear hug has the beautiful blonde wobbling.  Kristie is just getting started as she next strips the blonde down to her very sexy lingerie, oh does Alix look fetching in this outfit.  Now it’s time to show the blonde how much each of these pro holds can really hurt: bow and arrow, camel clutch, body stretch, breast smother, lift and carry and so many more.  Finally Kristie is done with her and is warming up for her match but this sexy ring girl looks awfully familiar and what the hell is this, she is trying to spike Kristie’s water… oh no is that Alix and is Kristie going to go crazy on her…  but first she makes the blonde drink her drugged water, now it’s time to take this barely conscious babe to destruction town and nobody does it better than Kristie Etzold – nice to see ya back Alix, sorry it had to be like this !!!!!!