Kit Mercer vs. Jamie Lynn

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless (one nude wrestler) Catfight Beatdown Match

DT-1457-03  / Time: 22 Minutes / Size: 523

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Kit Mercer is hot, she is sure Jamie Lynn is fucking her guy, she drags Jamie to the ring and checks Jamie’s phone for messages and when she finds them she goes crazy.  Now Jamie is no push over, she is one super tough girl but Kit is now in that crazy vengeance mode and she wants her pound of flesh, no she wants to pound the flesh and that’s exactly what she does.  The pounding is severe, some of the hardest breast blows we have seen in a long time when she has Jamie down, then face sits her and goes hard on her belly, blow after blow.  Oh and when she puts Jamie’s arms over the middle ropes and batters her kidneys, with each blow Jamie’s sweet breasts fly.  Kit even takes her own top off so she can smother Jamie with her beautiful tits.  From one end of the ring to the other it’s a beat down with chokes and slugs, she even strips her naked and plucks a few pussy hairs for extra pain.  Wow, this is a hot one — two gorgeous blondes but one is crazed and out for revenge and boy does she get it  !!!!!!