Aidra Fox vs. Audrey Miles

HD DOWNLOADABLE topless test of strength and wrestling match

DT-1461-02  / Time: 26 Minutes / 621 MB

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A topless Aidra Fox lounges in her skin tight blue leggings when Audrey Miles also in skin tight leggings enters, Aidra fawns over her body and well she should as those pants show off one hell of an ass and legs but how much sexier would she look with her top off — Aidra talks her into removing this impediment to beauty. They both remark how they would make great warriors, fighting for their tribe, straining for victory and that’s just what we get, these two warriors are matched in a series of test of strength contests where the winner has to hold down her opponent for the count. First they oil each other up then they strain as their arms flex and swing, their legs and asses bulge to push – up against the wall they smash their luscious chests together as they vie for dominance. Finally one takes control and gets on top for the count, then we start it all over again, so hot watching these two super sexy Amazons fight for their tribes. But with no clear victor we go to the ring for a final wrestling battle to chose a victor. In the ring we get some killer slugging both to the gut and the kidney then a devastating leg choke that gives us our tribal victor. Two of our new legion of DT ladies, they are popular for a reason — because they are gorgeous, competitive, and athletic — you will love em !!!!!!