Jamie Lynn vs. Aidra Fox

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Slugging Match

DT-1463-03  / Time: 20 Minutes / 460 MB

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So nice to see the gorgeous Jamie Lynn back and she is going against the popular Aidra Fox, now Jamie has been fighting for well over ten years so she is very disdainful of this newcomer and she lets her know it but Aidra is just as cocky.  This battle is a bare knuckles slugfest and most of it to the gut as Aidra finds out Jamie is vulnerable to hard shots to the midsection.  This is a best out of five fall match by pin or submission or when one girl just can’t continue and each of these babes is tough and can take a beating so we know we are in for a lot of hard blasts, we get slugs in the corner, on the mat, and from all directions and not just slugs to the gut but savage kicks, such a joy watching Aidra in that string bottom wind up her beautiful ass and deliver her knee hard into Jamie’s sweet middle.  Next an excruciating bear hug and one is thrown to the canvas for a face sit that allows for more hard gut pounding, then some ax handle blows for good measure.  Soon one warrior starts to dominate and we have a one-sided slug fest and Jamie is on the wrong end of these blows as her feminine frame is bashed from one end of the ring to the other – Aidra delights in her dominance and even takes it to the ultimate as she humiliates the beautiful vanquished blonde.  A beating and disgrace, get ready to be wowed !!!!!!