Adriana Sephora vs. Aubrey Black


DT-1464-03/ Time: 20 Minutes / 488 MB

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Adriana Sephora is posing for the camera. Her big tits are out and she is shaking them for the camera. She says she is thrilled that today she gets to “kick Aubrey Black’s ass.” Aubrey is climbing into the ring as Adriana is talking shit. Aubrey laughs and begins to stretch. Both women are wearing thigh high stockings and over the shoulder thongs… and nothing else. These blonde beauties sport some very appetizing large breasts and round buttocks. The bell rings and Aubrey grabs Adriana by the tits with both hands. She squeezes hard and sends Adriana into a blood curdling scream. Aubrey pushes Adriana into the ropes and then down to the mat. She straddles Adriana and laughs as Adriana’s eyes roll into the back of her head. Adriana counters with some strong crotch mauling of her own, but that doesn’t last long. Aubrey uses Adriana’s tiny pink thong to execute wedgy after brutal wedgy. Adriana is bent over the ropes, crying as Aubrey wedgies her from behind. Aubrey removes Adriana’s thong to get better access for crotch mauling. If you want to watch two nude blonde bombshells pulverize each other for your viewing entertainment, then you will love this steamy and exciting match.