Karlie Montana vs. Star 9


DT-1467-03/ Time: 21 Minutes / 505 MB

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Karlie Montana is stretching with a cool and confident swagger. When asked about the opponent standing opposite her, Karlie laughs, saying, “she’s just another little blonde.” Star 9 does not like the sound of that. She replies, “it is a mistake to underestimate me.” The bell rings and they begin a test of strength. Star flips Karlie around and takes her back. She locks in a body scissors and smiles as she hears Karlie’s pained moaning. Karlie breaks the hold and makes it back to her feet. The next test of strength ends with Star in a body scissors. However, to Karlie’s shock, Star seems fairly unfazed by Karlie’s squeezing. Karlie’s legs are quickly spent. Star escapes and applies a bow and arrow, which is quickly followed by a standing surfboard. Karlie kicks and yells to no avail. Star really puts Karlie through the ringer. She stretches and twists Karlie’s beautiful body in ways that don’t seem anatomically feasible. At one point, Star has Karlie’s legs pushed up behind her head. Star then leans down and starts biting Karlie’s toes and feet. If you want to see a topless blonde manhandle a topless redhead for nearly 20 minutes, then you have to get your hands on this match!