Goldie Blair vs. Kymberly Jane

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Specialty Match

DT-1468-03/ Time: 22 Minutes / 505 MB


Two or our most voluptuous babes go crazy on each other, Goldie Blair and Kymberly Jane, both brag about their shapely muscular arms and how their arm hair accentuates their upper limbs.  This turns into an all out war where each excruciating hold is accentuated by their arm hair being pulled causing excruciating pain, in the camel clutch, the body scissors, bear hug, head lock, full nelson, bow and arrow, arm bar, chokes and many more…  in each of these they find a way to pull with out mercy their opponents arm hair and each time we get close up views as these fine feminine filaments get tweaked and pulled to the screams of pain.  Yes you get these two gorgeous bountiful topless babes at their meanest, it’s not enough to put on a painful hold, no they have to add the torture of pulling all those little hairs out by the roots.  Be warned lots of arm close ups to accompany the screams of these big breasted babes as each tries to out do the other in dishing out the pain.  Two or our most popular voluptuous babes in one of their wildest wars !!!!!!