Miranda Chen vs. Sarah Brooke

HD DOWNLOADABLE Bikini Ring Catfight and Wrestling Dominance Match

DT-1470-01/ Time: 22 Minutes / 503 MB

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So cocky and so beautiful, Miranda slinks around the ring in her sunglasses and skimpy bikini.  She tells us how tough she is and has nothing to fear from Sarah Brooke, who just happens to overhear this brazen chatter.  Now we all know that this red head is one of the top wrestlers so it is quite a shock when Miranda gets her in a pin, but it takes a ten count to make it final and that is just too long to hold down a veteran tough girl.  Oh and when our red haired warrior turns the tables she uses all her skill to punish this beautiful brazen bitch, and Miranda wears defeat very well — her sleek amazing body is stretched in full nelsons, camel clutches, match books, Boston Crab, over the knee back breaker and the chokes, let me tell you these chokes are so amazing as she uses the ropes for leverage and ways you will just have to see.  So much fun watching this fiery red head teach this gorgeous newbie a lesson !!!!!!