Ariel X vs. Milana Ricci

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Catfight Match

DT-1472-03/ Time: 24 Minutes / 563 MB

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Milana Ricci begins today’s video wearing a tiny black and pink bikini. Milana has a petite young body. She seems confident in her ability. However, that confidence fades a little bit when she looks across the ring and sees the muscular body of her opponent, Ariel X. Ariel smiles at the camera. She is excited to destroy the small and inexperienced nubile standing in the other corner. Ariel easily knocks Milana to the floor and sits on her face with her powerful and muscular ass. However, Ariel does find herself surprised multiple times when Milana reverses some of Ariel’s favorite holds. It does not take long for both women to rip each other’s tops off. Ariel smashes her tits into Milana’s face as Milana’s perky tits wiggle in exhaustion. Milana makes small chipmunk noises as Ariel picks her up and twirls her over her head in an airplane spin. Milana is close to her limit. Her animal instincts kick in and she bites Ariel X right on the ass. Ariel tumbles to the mat and Milana seizes the opportunity. Milana sinks in a bow and arrow hold that leaves Ariel howling. Is it too little, too late for the young and petite fighter or will she be able to fend off the powerful goddess that is Ariel X?