Ariel X vs. Helena Locke

HD DOWNLOADABLE Jeans and Bondage Match

DT-1470-02/ Time: 15 Minutes / 367 MB

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Helena Locke is loving her super tight jeans, she loves the way they cling to her body showing off her firm ass and shapely legs.  She is slowly running her hands all around her lower body when there is a knock at the door, it’s Ariel X with a delivery. Helena invites her in as she wants to check the package and is elated to find more tight pants plus some ropes and belts, Ariel is now also intrigued so when Helena asks her to tie her up using the ropes, belts and elastic bands around her legs she is happy to oblige.  Ariel informs her it my get a bit rough and Helena says she likes it rough, that does it, good times will be had by all.  Ariel not only enjoys binding this beautiful body in skinny jeans but stroking and caressing as she does so, somehow this bondage makes that prominent ass show all the more, ariel can barely get her hands in the back pockets of this skin tight denim.  If you like tight form fitting jeans that show off a great butt and legs, or if you like bondage… or both — then this is the one for you !!!!!!