Ariel X vs. London Rivers

HD DOWNLOADABLE Nude Catfight Match

DT-1477-02/ Time: 24 Minutes / 565 MB

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In the darkness they fumble, they can smell each other as the anticipation mounts – suddenly the light goes on and the two queens see each other; Ariel X and London Rivers.  Their extreme hatred is apparent, both accuse the other of killing their children, both are here for revenge, both are expecting their armies to come to their aid but soon realize they are alone.  The queens strip out of their royal garb and with their knives attack, a bloody battle ensues but eventually the knives are tossed aside as they go hand to hand wanting to desperately sink their hands into the skin of their enemy.  Now with only their crowns and a skimpy covering at their crotch they claw their faces and pussies, digging their nails in deep.  Their breasts are rammed together with the savagery only hatred can produce as on the bed they fall, breasts smashed into faces, pussies clawed even harder.  Faces are battered by fleshy tits, then teeth are employed and sink deep into soft skin.  Bruised and bloody they fall to the floor so much more!  Truly a ROYAL BATTLE – kingdoms matter no more, for these queens only