Skylar Rene vs. Mia Li

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Dominance Match

DT-1471-01/ Time: 34 Minutes / 820 MB

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I hear ya, I hear ya – you been missin’ Skylar Rene so here she is and a lot of her.  Mia Li is telling Skylar to stay away from her man but Skylar says it’s her legs he loves and this has Mia out to prove she has the stronger legs as she puts Skylar in a body scissors but the big babe just laughs.  Now it’s time for those muscular legs to go to work as Skylar squeezes the beautiful Asian around her mid section, the pain is evident on Mia’s face, it gets worse as the big babe turns Mia around and squeezes her from behind, her erect nipples are jutting out from under her shirt.  Well Skylar has really proven her point so this should be over… NOOOOO WAY Skylar has just begun – she throws Mia to the floor where those legs now wrap around Mia’s neck.  It couldn’t get worse… yes it can as Mia is on all fours and Skylar again wraps those muscular thighs around her now very sore neck.  So much more pain is in store for poor Mia as Skylar employs all kinds of holds to prove she is the dominant one in this relationship.  You wanted some Skylar, here she is in all her muscular dominance glory !!!!!!