Serene Siren vs Idelsy Love


DT-1472-01/ Time: 20 Minutes / 475 MB


The ultimate blonde vs the ultimate brunette: Serene Siren and Idelsy Love – you know when we get these two together we are in for a real show.  They both have such energy and are willing to sacrifice their incredible bodies to get a win, they are extra sexy in their black stocking and garter belts.  When these two have mutual wedgies they pull the hell out of that thin cloth, splitting those sweet pussy lips to the extreme. Some of the greatest corner action as Idesly goes crazy on the blonde, Serene is forced to the top rope and even goes over the rope, it’s amazing to see the acrobatics. Nude these firm bodies roll over each other, trying to rub and drub pussies or breasts, Serene slams her tits on Idelsy’s then bounces them in the brunettes pretty face. Serene splits Idelsy’s shapely legs and attacks her middle while she is upside down, it’s a sight to behold.  Beautiful babes that are wild and wonderful — these two are classics and this match is a classic !!!!!!