Erika Jordan vs. Milana Ricci

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Catfight Match

DT-1484-03/ Time: 21 Minutes / 504 MB


Erika Jordan is annoyed that her opponent, Milana Ricci, stole her bikini top. She is determined to make Milana pay for her disrespect. The bell rings and the bikini fighters are at each other’s throats. Barely a minute goes by before Erika and Milana have pulled one another’s tops off. Erika has big full breasts, but Milana has equally beautiful perky handfuls. Erika puts Milana in a standing surfboard. Milana’s dainty ribs look like they are going to crack under the pressure of a bigger and stronger girl. She yelps for help. However, this only makes Erika more blood thirsty. Milana’s tight little ass jiggles as her feet kick the ground in a tantrum. When Erika releases her, Milana scurries across the ring on her hands and knees like a terrified child. Erika smiles a big wolfish grin as she moves on her prey. She uses a grapevine to trap Milana and then breast smother her. Milana’s small chest heaves instinctively for air that isn’t coming. Milana gets a few licks in of her own, but they are few and far between. For the most part, Erika dominates her young petite foe. She plays with Milana the way a cat plays with a hobbled mouse. Milana’s high pitched squeaks seem to make Erika salivate. Are you interested in watching a big breasted beauty put her young nubile opponent through the ringer? If you are, pull up a seat because boy do we have a video for you.