London Rivers vs. Kianna Dior

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Breast Match

DT-1485-01/ Time: 22 Minutes / 526 MB


Show off that beautiful butt, then flaunt those bountiful breasts – that’s what the voluptuous Kianna Dior does as we open, then it’s London Rivers turn to show off her amazing figure and we get a great a view of her curvaceous blonde body. They have squared off for a breast battle, hands behind their back as they thrust their chests together, their considerable tits collide compressing flesh with each breast blow till Kianna drives her to the wall. At the wall Kianna works over her chest flesh, presses her hands to the wall over her head and rubs and smashes her breasts, then to the floor she goes for a great breast smother – her large chest covers London’s whole head till the blonde clamps on to her nipples and now it’s her turn. London now has her turn at the wall and she not only returns all that Kianna did but adds some deep biting as we get a close look of her pearly whites sinking into that sweet succulent flesh. But the fun part of this video is when the girls get all that soft flesh smashed and flattened on a glass table, what great views as from underneath we witness this glory. Oh may goodness there is more! Yes one babe loses and is stung up from the ceiling where the other beauty puts on her boxing gloves and treats her victim like a punching bag — all over but especially those big bouncing breasts. It’s a bountiful breast bonanza that you will not want to miss !!!!!!