Idelsy Love vs. Jaclyn Taylor


DT-1485-02/ Time: 21 Minutes / 510 MB

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Idelsy Love and Jaclyn Taylor are about as perfect as it gets. Their bodies are what dreams are made of. They have big round and perky tits, little waists, and curvy hips. They are standing in the ring wearing thigh high stockings, small thong panties, and garters. The intro barely finishes running before Idelsy starts making fun of Jaclyn’s body. Jaclyn is taken aback. No one has probably every said such a thing. They quickly agree to take their high heels off and fight it out. They stomp toward each other and grab at the other girl’s pussy. Both women are pulling hard at the other’s panties. Idelsy spins Jaclyn into the turnbuckle. Jaclyn moans in pain as Idelsy gives her a frontal wedgy. Idelsy moves on to Jaclyn’s tits. She grabs Jaclyn’s nipples with her full hand and squeezes and twists. Jaclyn smiles and laughs. She seems to like this type of pain. This infuriates Idelsy. She throws Jaclyn to the mat and forces Jaclyn’s perfect ass in the air with a traditional wedgy. Jaclyn escapes Idelsy’s control. She sits on Idelsy’s face and exacts revenge with a frontal wedgy. When the underwear begins to get in the way of their crotch mauling, Idelsy and Jaclyn remove the underwear entirely. Who would you put your money on, the nude red head or the nude brunette? If you want to find out who the winner is, you will have to watch the whole video.