Ashley Lane & Star 9

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Catfight Match

DT-1486-02/ Time: 24 Minutes / 586 MB

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Ashley Lane is new to the DT universe. She is a beautiful and slender dirty blonde. This is one of her very first matches and today she is facing Star 9. Both women are wearing some very sexy business casual outfits. Their white blouses are unbuttoned and their pencil skirts are tight and short. Ashley and Star are standing nose to nose talking shit to each other. The insults escalate until the women grab one another by the hair. Their long bodies grind together as they yank at their opponent’s blonde hair. Both girls fall to the ground and cat-ball across the floor. The fact that they are wearing high heels and panty hose make it a beautiful sight to see their legs intertwined. With their legs wrapped around each other, they sit up and start removing theirs shirts and bras. Their attention moves from pulling hair to mauling breasts. Ashley and Star moan and whine as their peach colored tits turn a pinkish hue. They start to roll across the floor again and slowly work their skirts up above their hips. Their pretty asses are barely hidden by the thin veil of panty hose. Ashley shimmies her way on top of Star 9. She squishes her tits into Star’s face. Star’s eyes open wide as she realizes she can’t breath. Ashley’s big red lips curl into a grin. Star’s body goes limp. The new girl has won and shown the rest of the DT roster that there is a new shark in the waters.