Misty Stone vs. Erika Jordan

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Ring Match

DT-1487-01/ Time: 21 Minutes / 517 MB


Can’t we all just get along, no fuckin’ way – not with these two, soooo much animosity between Misty Stone and Erika Jordan. How can such gorgeous ladies go so crazy? It all starts in the dressing room, both in tight jeans and bikini tops, the shoving and the name calling.  They decide to take it to the ring where it gets much worse: white trash, ghetto, and worse… one spits on the other and the jeans are ripped off even before they get in the ring.  Once in the ring they smash their breasts together until this escalates to savage assaults, savage bites to butts and pussies, savage choking, savage bearhugs, savage holds, … savage everything.  Wild destruction as both these babes let loose their wild, untamed, ferocious inner selves.  Topless in skimpy bottoms neither will quit, how can this end?  This is not for the faint-hearted and there is only one way this one can end — SAVAGELY !!!!!!