London Rivers vs. Christine Dupree

HD DOWNLOADABLE Nude Apt. Dominatrix Catfight Match

DT-1488-01/ Time: 39 Minutes / 891 MB


So used to controlling men, so used to making others do as they say – so used to dictating with the penalty of pain.  Dominatrix, that’s what they are and proud of it; London Rivers and Christine Dupree enjoy being the boss so when they both start stealing clients and residing in the same territory it can only mean one thing: war.  First come the berating phone calls, then the challenge, then the meeting where we have more verbal abuse, insults escalate to tossed drinks, now the coats come off showing their amazing dominatrix outfits, so hot with that skimpy studded leather and chains.  They use their riding crops to beat each other and try to ram the handles into soft flesh,  then to ramming heads into the dresser, the verbal abuse tries to keep up with the physical assaults.  Next weapon; the high heels, those pointed heels press deep into breast flesh as they strain to inflict scarring.  Then to the hair as they wildly try to throw each other around the room and this is only a third into the video.  Yes they get so much wilder with spitting, slugging, slapping, breast wars, pussy attacks, biting and all with savage intent.  So wild, like their death roll as they 69 each other with pain not pleasure in mind as teeth dig into tender pussies.  They have to dominate, they have to control, they have to win, but only one can be the true: DOMINATRIX !!!!!!