Ashley Lane vs. Milana Ricci

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Apartment Nylons Match

DT-1489-01/ Time: 24 Minutes / 562 MB

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Nylon catfights are so special, those long nylon clad legs intertwined as their tight skirts ride up exposing sexy thighs and asses.  And to make this one even more special we have our new generation of DT fighting girls: Ashley Lane and Milana Ricci, thin young babes that are hot for a good nylon on nylon battle.  They stand nose to nose telling how they love nylon fights and how eager they are to dig their fingers into hair and tits.  Soon they are in the destructive hair dance as both are pulling on handfuls of hair, whipping each other around the room, this painful dance takes them to the couch where upon it they fall and continue the hair pull as they roll.  They fall to the floor still intertwined and rolling as hair flies from pulling, now those beautiful butts are completely exposed as skirts come up to waists.  These are both sleek gorgeous ladies, the new face of DT and we love it.  Lots of great catballing but eventually they take those tops off and go after their natural breasts with the fever only youth has.  A waist scissor is applied as from behind they reach around and sink their fingers into vulnerable chest flesh.  I especially like when Ashley plants her bosom squarely on Milana’s sweet face, the tit covering mouth and nose as it flattens around her cheeks.  The new breed, wild and wonderful and DT has them specially for you — ENJOY !!!!!!