Serene Siren vs. London River

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Catfight Match

DT-1489-03/ Time: 20 Minutes / 479 MB


Serene Siren and London River are blonde bombshells. They are standing in the ring, posing for the camera with their breasts out. They both have tiny waists and full, perky breasts. Serene bends over and shakes her golden ass for the camera. London sneaks over and uses two hands to smash an upper cut into Serene’s crotch. She tumbles to the ground and London jumps on top of her. London school girl pins her dazed opponent. She mauls and pinches Serene’s soft breasts. With a powerful buck, Serene knocks London off of her. She makes sure to return the favor to London with some extreme nipple twisting. These two ladies are full of energy. The tangle their bodies into knots and then roll all around the mat. Neither girl is able to hold her position for more than a few moments before there is some explosive reversal. Serene has London in a body scissors and is pinching her tits at the same time. London summons all her energy and slams a gut shot into Serene’s lower abdomen. Serene wretches and loses her positional control. London applies her own body scissors, but this time she adds a rear naked choke. Before Serene passes out, she puts her back to the mat and slips out of the attack. The fight goes back and forth like this for the entire 20 minutes. If you can’t get enough of energetic blondes and their big perky tits, then this is the perfect video for you.