Jolene Hexx vs. Makayla Cox


DT-1490-01/ Time: 21 Minutes / 510 MB

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Makayla Cox is in the ring posing for the camera. She is wearing the smallest plaid school girl skirt ever made. Her large breasts are already on full display for the camera. Makayla is explaining to the camera man that she has already mopped the floor with Jolene Hexx in a prior match and she will surely repeat that performance today. Jolene storms into the ring mad as a hornet. She is a tall redhead with natural, perky tits. She is wearing an identical outfit to Makayla’s. They chest bump each other and immediately grab for each other’s skirts. They yank and wedgy one another for a while until Jolene falls to the mat. Makayla grabs Jolene’s skirt and pulls it down around her ankles. Makayla takes control of Jolene’s body. She props her up on her knees. Makayla grabs both sides of Jolene’s neon green thong. She jerks up hard. Jolene’s beautiful porcelain ass jiggles. Jolene is overcome with anger. She regains control of the match by pushing Makayla into the corner. Jolene implements multiple front wedgies and purple nurples. Jolene puts Makayla in a back breaker and uses the opportunity to remove the last of Makayla’s clothes. Makayla isn’t going to be outdone by a “lesser woman.” She makes sure Jolene loses every stitch of clothing. Both women fight in their birthday suits and yet it feels like the viewer is the one who is getting a present here. Makayla’s caramel skin being pushed against Jolene’s palid redhead complexion is a gorgeous sight. Sit back and enjoy these two beauties pinch and squeeze each other in a real grudge match.