Lana Violet vs. Cali Caliente


DT-1491-02/ Time: 20 Minutes / 483 MB

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Lana Violet is an adorable dark skinned Asian. She has made a name for herself recently as an up and coming female fighter. She is wearing a purple bikini and looking rather confident for today’s fight. Cali Caliente is equally cute. She is African American and has a petite body to match Lana’s. Cali is a newbie to the DT ring. However, she doesn’t seem too intimidated by Lana’s impressive reputation. The bell rings and the ladies grab each other by the shoulders. Lana drops Cali to the mat and jumps on her like a cat. She pulls Cali’s top off and frees those milk chocolate nipples. Cali yanks off Lana’s bikini top. Both women have perky little natural tits. They squeeze and stretch each other’s delicate bodies until their legs are intertwined. Lana and Cali reach for the other girl’s panties and pull on them as hard as they can. The panties come apart in a mass of strings. Both women are fully nude now. Cali gets on top and starts to hump Lana. Cali pushes Lana’s legs up towards her head. Lana is helpless as Cali mauls her bare crotch. Cali moves into a north/south position and both women bite each other’s crotch. Nipple pinching and biting is a main attack in this bout. Lana and Cali take every chance they can get to torture one another’s sensitive, natural breast tissue. These two girls are petite and adorable. You are going to absolutely love watching them get totally naked and try to beat each other up.