Alyssa Reece vs. Blue Angel

HD DOWNLOADABLE Mat Wrestling Match

DT-1495-02/ Time: 21 Minutes / 507 MB

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Alyssa Reece is showing off her muscles, she flexes in her short shorts and little top — great definition in both arms and legs.  Alyssa knows she is the strongest girl, but this new girl Blue Angel has been saying how strong she is; so Alyssa is waiting to have it out with her.  Blue Angel shows up in her skimpy shorts and clingy top, she is quick to dismiss Alyssa, getting in her face exclaiming her power. Then she shows it by taking Alyssa down with a slick trip.  Once in control this auburn haired beauty goes to work, it is soon apparent she is not only strong but she knows her wrestling.  Blue puts on a great head scissor followed by a killer match book, adding a choke.  Wow this babe is not only beautiful but skilled, we see many more of her humiliating holds, she loves to add some insult with each move, like when she is sitting on Alyssa’s butt she puts her shoes in that beautiful brunette hair.  But never count Alyssa out, she is in some of the best shape we have seen and out to prove it. Once in control she applies devastating body scissors and face sits, front and back. But my favorite is when she rides the red head around the ring on her back, and she slaps that amazing ass. It’s a great back and forth battle with each beauty adding her own brand of degradation.  Alyssa is getting better with age and this new Blue Angel, we are going to see a lot more of her — they put on one hell of a show !!!!!!