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Match 1Ariel X lost to Emily Adison in their last bought. Ariel is still pretty badly hurt, but she is dying to get her revenge on Emily. The only problem is that Emily shows up out of nowhere and demands that Ariel fight her today or she will never get a rematch. Ariel reluctantly agrees and the two girls head to the ring to undress out of their sexy black dresses. Both of them have perfect bodies and watching them fight in their incredibly sexy underwear and stockings is quite the treat. Emily uses her big white booty to face sit Ariel into unconsciousness. However, Ariel won’t be going out that easy. She makes sure to face sit Emily right back. So can the injured Ariel pull an upset or is this the end for her hopes of being the DT world champion.

Match 2Alyssa Reese and Samantha Ryan are dueling each other in the DT ring today. These brunettes in bikinis start off with a test of strength, but quickly move into more devastating attacks. This fight features tons of chokes: using the ropes or bikini tops, some standing headlocks, standing and sitting sleepers, foot to throat, smothers, and two-handed chokes. The girls then lose their tops and release their petite and natural tits. By the end of this match the loser will be tied up to the corner to be smothered and beaten into unconsciousness. Watching that loser convulse and then go limp is as hot as it gets. So if you are a fan of chokes then you have to own this beauty of a match.

Match 3Tylene Buck and Ariel X are wearing sports bras and leggings for this wrestling match. These two professional pain inducers aren’t holding anything back today. It’s hardly a couple minutes before Tylene rips Ariel’s tight fitting top off for all of DT’s customer’s to see. Ariel is one of DT’s best fighters and she shows it with her intricate and varied utilization of wrestling holds. This fight quickly turns into a destruction match. The voluptuous Tylene is reduced to little more that a punching bag for the dangerous Ariel. So whether you watch this match because you want to see Ariel dominate or Tylene be dominated, you will surely be more than satisfied.


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