Megan Jones vs. Milana Ricci

HD DOWNLOADABLE Bikini/Jeans Match

DT-1495-03/ Time: 20 Minutes / 500 MB


This video is shot from your point of view. You go to speak to your beautiful and dainty eastern European wife, Milana Ricci. You explain that you have been cheating on her with the voluptuous Megan Jones. Milana is heart broken. She can’t believe that you, the love of her life, would hurt her so much. Milana decides that she must fight for you. She tells you that she is going to confront Megan and fight for your love. Megan enters the room. She is taller than Milana. She has much larger breasts than Milana. Most importantly, she is stronger than Milana. Megan isn’t even paying attention to Milana, but Milana pushes the issue and confronts the curvy contender. Megan realizes that Milana is your wife and laughs. “No wonder you cheated on her with me.” Milana is embarrassed. She attacks Megan with a gut punch. Megan eats it without flinching. She grabs Milana’s skinny wrist and pulls her in for a bear hug. Megan picks Milana up off the ground as she squeezes. Megan smiles at you and whispers, “you enjoy watching this baby.” Milana yelps as she gasps for air. She looks at you with fear in her eyes. “Please help me.” she begs you. You do nothing, but stand there watching your lover beat up your sweet wife. Megan removes Milana’s shirt and then puts her in a standing full nelson. Megan takes off her own shirt so that she can smother Milana’s pretty face in her large breasts. Milana’s glorious failure ends with Megan forcing Milana to worship and kiss her body. Megan then puts Milana to sleep by suffocating her between her giant tits. This hot video is all centered around you!