Sarah Brooke vs Ariel X

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Boxing, Wrestling and Bare Fist Fighting Match

DT-1499-03/ Time: 20 Minutes / 491 MB

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Do you like great female boxing, wrestling and bare fist fighting and with two of the toughest women ever. These two aren’t just tough they are supremely talented, oh and let’s add, they are both gorgeous and topless: Ariel X and Sarah Brooke. Both babes start out oiled up with gloves on and ready to rumble for the belt. Damn can these women hit, you will feel some of these heavy shots as they batter each other around the ring. Each takes a turn trapping her foe in the corner where she rains down thunderous belly blows, they work out of the corners and rock the heads with jabs and slams. One babe registers a foul and throws off her gloves for a wrestling challenge and soon both ladies are rolling on the mat securing the most incredible holds but since they are both so talented, with each hold comes an equally incredible escape — this is such a joy watching two such talented wrestlers maneuver their amazing bodies from arm bars to neck chokes and sooo many more. Up for some bare fisted slugs then back down for a bloody finish. Two of the very best giving their all and that is so much – you just got to see it !!!!!!