Christina Carter vs Sinn Sage


DT-1506HD/ Time: 22 Minutes / 543 MB


Christina Carter is pissed that Sinn Sage beat her in their last match. She has come to the understanding that she cannot defeat Sinn on her own, and therefore, needs a little bit of help. Christina is wearing a black robe and bra, but her crotch is bare. She is watching Sinn as she sleeps nude in her queen bed. Sinn sleeps on her side with her cover tucked between her legs. Sinn’s thick thighs and ass look powerful. Christina hopes to sidestep Sinn’s strength by knocking her out with a chloroform soaked rag. Christina slowly crawls onto the bed and then gently wakes up Sinn. Just as Sinn begins to open her eyes, Christina slams the chemical laden washcloth down on Sinn’s beautiful mouth. Sinn kicks and struggles until her eyes start to roll into the back of her head. Sinn passes out on her back with her tongue hanging out of her mouth. Christina takes a few moments to caress and kiss Sinn’s gorgeous nude body. This wakes Sinn up, but before she can fight back, Christina puts both hands around Sinn’s neck and chokes her unconscious. Christina turns Sinn over onto her stomach and starts playing with and then slapping Sinn’s big round peach of an ass. This again wakes Sinn up, however this time Sinn is faster than Christina. Sinn pulls Christina over her lap and starts spanking her like the naughty girl that she is. She pulls Christina’s robe and bra off and alternates between teasing, slapping, and choking Christina. If you are in the mood to watch two brunette beauties with curvy bodies, then you will certainly be satisfied with this match.