Madi Lane vs Kit Mercer

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Ring Domination Match

DT-1507HD/ Time: 27 Minutes / 662 MB

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Madi Lane, a new exotic beauty that has come to fight for her man but Kit Mercer is having none of it, no new babe is taking her guy and she will fight to prove it. Madi uses a sneak attack to get the initial advantage and she so loves putting her breasts on Kit’s face to knock her out — but wait tables turn. Now Kit is in control and she plans on making life miserable for this brunette bitch that wants her man. Yes from here on Kit is the teacher and her classroom is the ring, and her lessons consist of how to apply painful holds till they eventually knock out this beautiful babe. Sooo many holds: breast smothers, corner foot choke, camel clutch, full nelson, match book, dragon sleeper, and my favorite the stretch over Kit’s feet as she pulls Madi’s long black mane — so manny more stretches and chokes – oh and let us not forget the tie up and gag or the humiliating dog walk. Of course to add more shame she takes of Madi’s top revealing her luscious breasts, making her body all the more stunning when stretched out on the canvas. Oh this is a day Madi Lane will not forget, she found out a lot more about wrestling than she ever wanted to know !!!!!!