Kit Mercer vs Darcie Dolce


DT-1513HD/ Time: 25 Minutes / 613 MB


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Kit Mercer is an athletic blonde with big powerful thighs and large breasts. She shows off her hourglass figure with some cut-off jean shorts and a mid-drift top. She makes her living as an enforcer for a mob boss. Today she is getting assigned a very important job because she is the best enforcer in their gang. Darcie Dolce hates that Kit gets all of the best jobs. She shows up at the gang’s clubhouse to take the contract away from Kit and prove that she is the best in the business. Kit finds this hilarious. Darcie is a short brunette with a tight body. Kit looks down at Darcie and says “you  can have the job if you can take this contract from me.” Darcie lunges at the paper, but Kit holds it above her head, emphasizing how short Darcie is. Kit laughs hard at Darcie’s frustration, which further angers Darcie. Eventually, Kit gets lazy and Darcie gets her hands on the contract. Kit is furious that Darcie disobeys her and the fight really begins. They start to choke each other and wrap their legs around one another like they are almost humping each other. Kit and Darcie take their tops off. They both have large, shapely breasts, and immediately seem to be slightly turned on at the sight of one another’s beautiful bodies. You are going to love watching a hot blonde and a hot brunette choke and hump each other into submission.