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TOPLESS CATFIGHT MATCH 1 – Sinn Sage and Tara Morgan stand across the ring from each other wearing nothing but panties. They stretch and flex for the camera and the upcoming fight. Sinn has a big grin on her face as she strolls towards her smaller opponent. Sinn bear hugs Tara. She picks her up off the ground. Tara wraps her legs around Sinn’s curvy hips and ass. Tara cries as she submits to her joyous opponent. A now wheezing Tara takes the chance to return the favor in a deceptively strong bear hug. The match continues like this. Each girl gets a chance to sink in a hold and try to submit her foe in less than a minute. They then switch positions in an attempt to see which girl is unable to submit the other in the allotted time. Abdominal stretches, arm bars, body scissors, bow and arrows, camel clutches, and figure four leg locks are some of the submissions that you will see in glorious detail on each girl. This is a specialized catfight between a petite blonde and a hippy brunette. Put down your bets fella’s.

TOPLESS CATFIGHT MATCH 2 – BREAST BATTLE. we love em – get ready for some real boob smashing as Nikki Delano and Darcie Dolce square off for a real breast clash and oh do they have some gorgeous breast flesh. Both ladies are determined to to win the first test of bust strength, hands behind their backs they jut their chests out and vie for power, breasts flatten as they are squished together till one is forced into the ropes. Time for the wrestling but wait one questions the size of the others breasts and the tape comes out – we’re getting exact sizes today, for both girls – no tall tit tales here. This wrestling is all about getting to the breasts, so every scissors, every stint in the corner, and every straddle is looking for nipple twists or breast squeezes plus so many boob to boob slams and squeezes. These girls just won’t quit, fall after fall they go for those fleshy orbs with screams of pain and delight. Wrestling aimed at the chest, a real BREAST BATTLE – WE LOVE IT !!!!!

TOPLESS DOMINATION CATFIGHT MATCH 3 – How would you like to wrestle Ariel X and Skylar Rene, that’s right the two muscle beauties that love to beat the hell out of everyone and I do mean everyone. Well, that’s just what Darcie Dolce and Nicole Oring are faced with and they’re just as afraid as I would be, they do not want to play the jobbers role and receive all the pain that entails – in the back room they talk about their fear, then in the ring where again they want to flee. We cut to the two being pinned while they are passed out and Ariel and Sky saying they deserve better competition because they’re the best tag team ever, hell they decide to take out their frustrations on their two opponents – why not wake them and put them through the pain of their lives and that’s exactly what happens. Double over the shoulder back breakers, double figure four leg locks, double camel clutches and so much more, then they gang up on each one individually as they stretch Darcie between the ropes with her beautiful breast jutting out for more attacks. Constantly they demolish the jobbers then pose over them lording their bulging muscles over their beautiful obliterated victims. To wreck such devastation on such beauty is so amazing — these are four beauties you will not want to miss !!!!!


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