Vivian Fox vs. Agatha Delicious

HD DOWNLOADABLE Nude Ring Catfight Match

DT-1534HD/ Time: 22 Minutes / 540 MB

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Vivian Fox and Agatha Delicious – two new beauties to DT – we so love new ladies.  This is another of those wild wedgie matches, a good test for fresh babes.  Of course Agatha has wrestled quite a bit but this is more of a catfight – still she gets in some of her holds.  Vivian is a natural at catfighting, so we are treated to a fabulous match.  In the corners they twist those pert nipples then go below for wedgies that split those luscious pussy lips.  These are two fit young ladies, we see their muscles flex as each takes a turn at dominance.  Agatha uses her wrestling skill to apply a body scissor, then splits Viv’s legs, lifting one sleek gam high so she can attack her pussy and it gets even worse when she applies a head scissor to a now nude Vivian — now she has free reign to those natural breasts and wet pussy.  But Vivian is a fast learner and applies some great holds, like a face sit which allows total control of Agatha’s firm figure.  Once they strip each other naked they really let their warrior natures free as they roll right into that lucky camera.  Get ready for an infusion of new blood, new beautiful babes that are ready to get wild in the DT ring… the hits just keep on coming !!!!!!