Milana Ricci vs. Goldie Blair

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Ring Domination Match

DT-1536HD/ Time: 19 Minutes / 466 MB


“What!  You wear an outfit like that to a Ju Jitsu lesson!”  This is screamed by Milana Ricci as she looks at Goldie Blair’s revealing outfit.  Now I must say, I do not find a thing wrong with Goldie’s outfit, as a matter of fact I think you’ll find it very easy on the eyes but Milana does not find it acceptable.  Goldie thinks it’s because it shows off her beautiful bountiful breasts and that Milana is just jealous because she has a flat chest in comparison.  Milana does not find this funny but she controls herself and decides to show Goldie some of her secret moves.  Milana messages Goldie’s neck and just as Goldie relaxes; ZAP – the nerves freeze.  What has happened, Goldie is awake but has no control, what – what – what is happening, whatever it is Goldie soon finds her top off and those prized breasts have a new master.  Yes, Milana is in total control of Goldie’s body and boy does she love it, she slaps, punches, pinches, then sucks these fleshy orbs.  Now the sleek one puts Goldie over the bottom rope and works over her chest, then Milana takes off her top and makes Goldie suck her succulents till each nipple is hard from the wet mouth.  Next it’s some foot sucking then to the mat for savage Breast compression and so much more on the floor — so much more with holds and… always working over those breasts.  Milana even takes her victim to another room – how does she think of all this.  A dominating demon with all her focus on big, bountiful, beautiful, breasts !!!!!!