Skylar Rene vs. Karlie Montana


DT-1537HD/ Time: 19 Minutes / 473 MB


Skylar Rene and Karlie Montana are some naughty topless girls looking to squeeze the hell out of each other. The bell rings and both ladies meet in the center of the ring for a vigorous mutual bear hug. Their high ponytails flail like helicopter propellers. Karlie grits her teeth as she squeezes with everything she has. Skylar seems a little bit less troubled by the whole ordeal. She smiles as she maneuvers underhooks beneath Karlie’s flexing arms and then slams Karlie’s torso into the turnbuckle. Skylar slowly takes more and more fight out of Karlie. After about ten minutes, Karlie has released her bear hug and is now pushing against Skylar’s chest, trying to free herself. Eventually, Karlie truly begins to give up, but this only sends Skylar into a more aggressive mood. She starts to shake the voluptuous and nearly limp Karlie, which makes all of her beautiful goodies jiggle for the camera. Seeking to fully embarrass Karlie, Skylar holds and squeezes her with only one arm. Karlie groans as Skylar shows off her impressive strength while laughing in Karlie’s almost unconscious face. This match consists of what is basically one long and brutal bear hug. If you want to see a topless Skylar Rene squeeze a topless Karlie Montana for almost 20 minutes, then this is the video for you.