Skylar Rene vs. Ariel X


DT-1543HD/ Time: 23 Minutes / 550 MB


Ariel X is looking like she is in the best shape of her life. She is rippling with muscles as she flexes in an American flag two piece. Skylar Rene looks less muscular, but equally impressive. Her tight tummy and big tits look great in a small yellow bikini. Both women are wearing knee high wrestling boots and boy do they put them to work. The bell rings and they rush each other with reckless abandon. Skylar locks Ariel up in a strong closed guard. Skylar flexes her muscular thighs and squeezes Ariel’s guts. The veins pop out of Ariel’s neck, but she’s too tough to tap so early. Ariel breaks Skylar’s closed guard, grabs her by the legs, and applies a Boston crab. Skylar’s round ass looks amazing from between Ariel’s open legs. Eventually, Skylar escapes and ends the first round with a rear naked choke. While Ariel is unconscious, Skylar removes Ariel’s top and giggles while she counts out a slow ten count fall. Ariel groggily comes to and is enraged. She puts Skylar through a gauntlet of pain that includes a nasty camel clutch. Unsurprisingly, Ariel wins the second round and takes the chance to rip off Skylar’s bikini top. Which of these topless beauties will win this hard fought match? You will have to watch to find out.