Ariel X vs. Erika Jordan

HD DOWNLOADABLE Nude Catfight Match

DT-1557HD/ Time: 22 Minutes / 550 MB


Army or Navy – which one wins — they have both been tasked with taking the thong from their enemy.  Ariel X is the WAV and Erika Jordan is the WAC, they have been summoned to their C.O. because they have failed to complete their mission but in the meeting they both commit to completing this mission, so much so that they start fighting right there and are allowed to bang each other about quite a bit before the officer forces them to stop – of course this doesn’t last long as they are soon at it again, this time stripping the tops off.  Finally they are sent to a room where they can be locked in together until one has achieved her mission and leaves with the thong and the other will have to leave the services in disgrace.  In the room they go nose to nose and then tit bumping that turns into a savage bear hug, followed by stripping their bottoms off and leaving just those skinny thongs that they must take to be the victor.  On to the bed their bodies fly as the struggle becomes wild, their fingers now go under the thongs and penetrate their feminine centers as they strive to make their foe surrender but neither of these wild women will give in.  Into a 69 biting position that gets both thongs off and now our naked  WAC and WAV go full out for victory.  A breast smother then…. Army or Navy we love em both but only one can win… !!!!!!