Serene Siren vs. Erika Jordan

HD DOWNLOADABLE Nude Apartment Catfight

DT-1551HD/ Time: 20 Minutes / 491 MB


Buck’s babes are back. Get ready because these two are so hot they may melt your monitors, Serene Siren is exercising when Erika Jordan bursts in telling her Buck wants her and is leaving Serene – well you guessed it, this causes quite a fight.  Pushing turns quickly to ripping off clothes, revealing two fabulous figures and you can tell these ladies are comfortable with their bodies as once they are naked, they become freer and more wild.  Serene slams Erika into the wall, grabs her pussy as she bites her tit, harder and harder she presses into her causing her beautiful butt to flex with each thrust.  On the couch they straddle each other in contorted sexual positions as they roll across the couch grabbing pussies and biting breasts and pussies.  To the floor where they dig their hands into their long hair and pull with all their might throwing heads from side to side in a furious flurry as we look down on their beautiful faces.  And that 69 where they are mutually biting pussies, well it’s just so wild… Everything about this one is wild and crazy and oh soooooo sexy, because when you get Erika and Serene together you know you are going to have sexy and wild – two of the best doing what they do best !!!!!!