Misty Stone vs. Serene Siren


DT-1555HD/ Time: 21 Minutes / 514 MB


Misty Stone and Serene Siren work together in an office setting. They are both wearing business attire, pencil skirts and tight blouses. Misty cuts in front of Serene as they are walking through the halls, so Serene gives Misty a quick push in the back. Misty turns on her heels and lets Serene have it. The girls start yelling at each other and eventually Misty challenges Serene to a fight. The ladies walk to the corporate suite where Misty slaps Serene across the face. Serene grabs Misty by the throat, which quickly leads to both women pulling on each other’s hair. They scream and flail around the room until they are both rolling on the floor. Misty pauses the fight and explains that they are both wearing nice clothes, so they should disrobe before continuing the fight. Serene refuses, so Misty reaches out and rips her sheer white top off. Serene is furious and spits in Misty’s face. Eventually both business women are completely nude and wrestling each other on the carpet. The best part of this match is that the loser will be paraded around the entire office, completely nude. All of the business men will be ready to take tons of pictures and videos with their phones. Basically, the loser will have her entire career ruined in addition to being embarrassed and beaten.