Valentina Bellucci vs. Agatha Delicious

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Catfight Match

DT-1558HD/ Time: 20 Minutes / 476 MB

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Valentina Bellucci and Agatha Delicious are new to the DT ring and boy are they fired up to get the fights started and make their fans happy. Today wasn’t supposed to be a fight. The girls were simply here to pose for a topless photo shoot when they started slinging insults at each other. The temperature rises until Agatha plants a right hook on Valentina’s cheekbone. Valentina’s jaw drops open; she can’t believe some skinny bitch like Agatha would put hands on her. Valentina grabs Agatha by the nipples and twists. Agatha’s knees nearly buckle as she lets Valentina take control of her body. Valentina puts Agatha in the corner and lands a couple gut shots on Agatha’s slight abdomen. Agatha summons enough strength to explode out of the turnbuckle and rain down a storm of punches on Valentina. Agatha punches Valentina over and over again in her big perky tits until Valentina is begging for mercy. Agatha wins the first fall with a three count pin. The second fall ends with a pissed off Valentina pinning Agatha in a piledriver position. Agatha’s long slender legs are nearly behind her head and her tight little ass is way up in the air. You are going to want to know who wins this one, so buckle up and purchase this video.