Skylar Renee vs. Star 9

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Ring Pro/Catfight Match

DT-1559HD/ Time: 26 Minutes / 626 MB


Skylar Renee is on the couch when Star 9 come in after just finishing her shower, she is toweling off her bare chest and this excites Skylar bringing her up off the couch.  Soon they are face to face or should I say breast to breast as Star requests that Skylar take off her top, which she quickly does and now they talk about how great each of them looks.  Skylar says how nice it would be for them to have a match, how sexy and competitive it would be, Star couldn’t agree more and as Skylar leaves Star lies down and soon we see the two of them in the ring, each beauty sprays her body with water offering us a glistening view of these beautiful topless ladies.  They start the match with an extended test of strength where the lean muscled Star matches her strength with the muscular maiden – back and forth till Star is forced down but uses her wiles to take control.  A solid grapevine has Sky stymied but eventually she not only rolls out but secures a killer reverse choke, so long in this breathless hold, how can Star roll out – she does.  This is how our fabulous match rolls on, each beauty secures a great hold only have an escape, each hold is so strenuous showing all tendons and muscles of these grapplers.  All of this and they throw in some awesome bare fisted battering with hard knuckles to their guts and then the head — this is what finally finishes one of these great battlers.  But we end up back in the the room where we started – what happened, what was this – was it a….  One thing we know for sure it is one fabulous match between two true gladiators !!!!!!