Agatha Delicious vs. Valentina Bellucci

HD DOWNLOADABLE Nude Ring Wedgie Catfight Match

DT-1573HD/ Time: 23 Minutes / 553 MB

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Agatha Delicious and Valentina Bellucci, we introduced these two back in 1558 and everyone was so impressed with their fighting spirit – so its was destined they would meet up again and here they are in one of our classic wedgie wars. Valentina is a voluptuous babe with curves aplenty while Agatha is a sleek muscular brunette and both ladies are full of fighting energy, no dull moments in this one. Right off they start with a savage mutual front wedgie that splits those pussy lips to the max and Valentina uses her size to take control in the corner where she pinches Agatha’s long erect nipples, then applies a chicken wing that allows her to both wedgie and go after breasts. Of course aggressive Agatha is going to use her superior wrestling skill to mount a come back as she plants her sweet ass on Val’s face and has her way with both tits and pussy. Eventually they strip each other and continue their destruction as neither is willing to give an inch, even using their discarded clothes to wedgie – especially love it when Val puts on that killer wedgie while Agatha is on all fours and from behind we are treated to ooooh such a view. DT is so fortunate to have new babes that are not only beautiful but great fighters and who so enjoy doing battle in the ring, so if you haven’t seen these two yet you are in for a real treat — THEY WILL NOT DISAPPOINT !!!!!!