Skylar Rene & Madi Laine


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Madi Laine is relaxing on the couch doing some light reading when Skylar Rene bursts into the room. Skylar demands that Madi sign the divorce papers for the man that they have been sharing. Madi laughs in Skylar’s face, saying, “why should I?” Skylar flexes her arms, showing her incredibly strong body and says, “because I am going to make you sign them.” When Madi still refuses, Skylar forces her down to the couch and then sits on her. Madi whimpers, “What are you doing?” As Skylar bounces up and down on Madi’s chest, she laughs, “I am going to squish you because you are smaller and weaker than me.” Madi pushes with all of her might to remove her bully, but it is useless. Finally, Madi agrees to sign the documents, except when Skylare double checks Madi’s signature, she finds that it actually says, “Skylar is a bitch!” An infuriated Skylar rips Madi’s top off before removing her own. Skylar reverse bear hugs Madi, squeezing her pretty, natural tits together. Skylar then drops Madi to all fours and grabs her by the pony tail, walking her around the room like a naughty puppy. This is an instant classic, watching Skylar in her Daisy Dukes as she squishes and crushes the adorable, topless Maddi in her skin tight jeans, no one could resist this catfight.