Kimora Quin vs. Skylar Rene

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Ring/Pro Catfight Match

DT-1588HD/ Time: 23 Minutes / 546 MB

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New blood, a new sexy Asian beauty; Kimora Quin and she is ready to do battle with her snake skin bikini, choker and sunglasses – she looks so hot but she is taking on none other than the strong beauty; Skylar Rene. She must be pretty tough as she doesn’t seem to be worried about this muscular woman in front of her, unfortunately she doesn’t know that Skylar will do whatever it takes to win this ten count pin match – and when I say anything I mean it. Skylar sneaks up behind our new beauty before they even start and from behind she attacks with her secret sleeping move. Soon the Asian delight is subdued and Skylar is able to work her wrestling prowess on her. She starts with a dramatic hold, where she puts the sexy brunette face up over her legs and stretches the hell out of her back, so sexy seeing her sleek brown body draped over her legs with her nipples jutting out of her snake skin bikini. Next are a series of holds all aimed at stretching the brown babe to the extreme: over the top rope where we get amazing views, folded in an extreme matchbook where that shinny bikini is forced deep up her center, foot in throat and pushed backwards over ropes, reverse choke stretching her backwards and soooo many more sexy wild holds. Not just holds but fun stuff like shoulder thrusts to Kimora’s firm belly and walking her on all fours as she pulls her long hair and we are treated to her amazing hard ass swaying from side to side. And to add to this sexy bout Skylar takes off Kimora”s top as she performs many of the fun holds. And just when it looks like it’s over… it’s not — there is one more amazing bound position that gives us a fabulous farewell view that you will be watching over and over – BECAUSE this is one gorgeous new Asian beauty that you will love !!!!!!